In 1904, Hans Dermant brings the very first hearing aid to Denmark and begins the import and distribution of the first hearing devices to Denmark: the electric Acousticon devices. 42 years later, his son transforms his father’s company into what is now known as Oticon.

Today, High Point Audiological is able to offer it’s patients Oticon’s Opn hearing aid products. Opn is powered by the Velox™ platform, offering Oticon’s best in resolution and speed. This powerful platform makes it possible for Opn to host specialized technologies that open the world to more users with a wide range of needs, as well as offering streamer-free connectivity to smartphones, audio devices, and to other smart devices through the Internet. New groundbreaking data from recent independent studies confirm how Oticon Opn represents a significant paradigm shift in hearing care, improving speech understanding and interaction with multiple speakers.

Each Opn style is available in three performance levels with increasing degrees of BrainHearing™ support. The three levels differ in the amount of support they give the brain in terms of rapid noise reduction, localization of sounds, speech clarity, and the personalization of the listening experience. See the graph below for more information on what each level is able to offer you.


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