Westone ear protection

Many of our patients are unaware of the harm that certain common noises cause to their hearing. Westone provides its customers with protective devices to keep their hearing intact and increasing the longevity of their eardrum.

One way that noise can permanently damage your hearing is by a single brief exposure to a high noise level, such as a firecracker going off near your ear. But hearing damage can also occur gradually at much lower levels of noise if there is enough exposure over time. Many people don’t know this but tasks that have a high level of volume such as mowing the lawn, running a bandsaw, vacuuming, and leaf blowing are dangerous to the eardrum. Wearing hearing protection during these types of activities can greatly reduce hearing loss over time. 

Another dangerous activity for your hearing can be found in many workplaces. A dentist’s office, manufacturing plant, coffee bar, or even a regular bar are just a few examples of the hundreds of workplaces that can have a negative effect on your hearing. Utilizing Westone’s hearing protection can greatly improve your chances of not having hearing loss in the future. Westone offers protection for everything from recreational swimming ear protection, to industrial protection, and even hearing protection for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts.

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